Woocommerce Vtiger Integration on Different Server (WordPress)

Woocommerce Vtiger Integration on Different Server (WordPress)



The Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin is an essential tool to help you synchronize data(orders, products and customers) instantly between Woocommerce and vtigerCRM automatically, without manual entry. Forget about manually entering your e-commerce sales into your CRM. Save hours a day by doing this automatically with the Woo-Vtiger Syncing plugin.
Woo-Vtiger Syncing is the only plugin with smart sync feature that makes it possible for scheduled background sync; no manual input is required from your CRM or website users.
Woo-Vtiger Syncing Plugin’s Features
1. Synchronize register customer of Woocommerce to Contact in vtiger CRM.
2. Synchronize Order of Woocommerce to Sales Order in vtiger CRM.
3. Synchronize Products of Woocommerce to Products in vtiger CRM.
4. The plugin support two-way syncing.
5. Auto syncing and Manual Syncing.
6. Schedule syncing in Auto syncing Mode.

General Features
1. Use Cron jobs to sync as many times as day as you need.
2. 100% Secure connection between your CRM and Woocommerce.
3. Easy to use. No manual labor required.
4. Easy to setup and setting.

1. Two-way syncing from Vtiger into your e-commerce site.
2. Products are created from Woocommerce into Vtiger.
3. Products of woocommerce will be saved in products in vtiger.

1. Customers are created from Woocommerce into Vtiger.
2. Customers registered in woocommerce will be saved as Contact in vtiger.

1. Orders from Woocommerce push into vTiger.
2. Order from woocommerce will be stored as sales order in vtiger.


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