MasterPopups – Multi-Purpose Popup Plugin for WordPress with Easy Email Marketing Integration (WordPress)

MasterPopups - Multi-Purpose Popup Plugin for WordPress with Easy Email Marketing Integration (WordPress)


This Popup plugin is WordPress 4.8 compatible.

Multi-Purpose Popup Plugin for WordPress

MasterPopups is a powerful popup plugin for creating Modal Popups, Full Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Slide-In popups and Inline & Widget Popups.

You can easily create popups from our pre-made templates with few clicks. We have developed it so that you can add any type of content within your popups. MasterPopups includes a system of capturing subscribers by email so you can get more subscribers and save all your data directly to WordPress or in your favorite email service as Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc.

What can you create with MasterPopups?

✔ Modal Popups
✔ Full Screen Popups
✔ Notification Bar
✔ Slide-In Popups
✔ Sticky Popups
✔ Inline & Widget Popups

What can you show in any Popup?

✔ Subscription Forms
✔ Contact Forms
✔ Images
✔ Youtube/Vimeo/HTML5 Videos
✔ Custom Content from WP Editor
✔ Shortcodes

Ready for Subscription Forms

MasterPopups allows you to get more subscribers thanks to easy integration with email services like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Mailer Lite, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Autopilot, etc.

Ready for Contact Forms

MasterPopups is not only a popup plugin, you can also use it as a contact form to be more connected with your potential customers. You can even embed any shortcode from plugins such as Contact From 7, Gravity Forms, etc.

What would you like to do after submitting the form?

Highlight Features

Automatic Popup & Slide-In Triggers

Highly Targeted Display Settings

Display settings are used to control where on your website your popup will appear. You can choose to display your popup on your entire site, or you can choose to display you popup on individual posts or custom post types. Create unlimited popup forms and tailor them to specific pages and specific visitors to increase your conversion rates.

Core Features

With MasterPopups you can create Modal Popups, Full Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Slide-In popups and Inline & Widget Popups. And we have many features available to make life easier for you.

Fully Customizable
  • Unlimited popups, you can create as many popups you want.
  • Popup size: width, height or Full Screen popup
  • Background settings
  • Entrance and Exit Animations
  • Overlay settings, colors, opacity
  • Customizable preloader
  • Sticky mode
  • Options to download a file or redirect user after submitting the form.
  • Cookies to show the popup only once.
  • Native Subscription / Contact forms.
  • Shortcodes support.
  • Inline popups: Embed your popups before or after post/page content. Or in widget area
  • Pre-Made Popup templates
  • Save your popup data for use on another website.
  • Etc
Trigers – When to run the popup?
  • On Click: Display the popup by clicking on certain element
  • On Page Load: Display the popup automatically after X seconds
  • On Exit Intent: Display the popup when the user tries to leave your website
  • On User Inactivity: Display the popup after X seconds of user inactivity
  • On Scroll: Display the popup after scrolling down X amount, after post content or after certain element
  • Display Inline: Embed the popup automatically before or after post/page content
Page Level targeting

Show your popups depending on the post/page, category, tags, custom post types, etc.

  • Display popup on all site
  • Display popup on Homepage
  • Display popup on Archives
  • Display popup on Pages
  • Display popup on Posts
  • Display popup on Categories
  • Display popup on Tags
  • Display popup on Specific URLs
  • Display popup on Custom Post Types
  • Display popup for certain users: Logged-In Users or Not Logged-In Users
  • Display popup on these devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Popup Callbacks

Run your own javascript code on After Open Popup, After Close Popup, After Form Submission

Email Marketing Integration

MasterPopups has a integrated system that lets you store and manage leads, also can be seamlessly integrated with many third party email marketing services (CRM).

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Sendinblue
  • MailerLite
  • Autopilot
  • Constant contact
  • Hubspot
  • Active Campaign
  • Mad Mimi



Plugin Created with my Powerful Xbox Framework


Version 1.0.3 (2017-06-22)
  • Compatibility – Compatibility with WordPress 4.8+
  • Fixed – Fixed a problem reported by users.
  • Added – Option to set vertically the sticky control.
  • Added – Keyboard Shortcuts to the visual editor (Help).
Version 1.0.1 (2017-06-19)
  • Fixed – Solved some problems of the first version.
  • Added – Added 4 new popup templates.
Version 1.0.0 (2017-06-17)
  • Initial Release


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